A single cab was sent in primer to Westfalia where the widened bed version was made in either wood or metal.

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As seen in the SO catalog.

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A highroof widebed sc with tilt! Saw this in some old literature I have. Never know when you'll have to transport an elephant or some palm trees!

Wooden wide bed
Not very many of these left running around. I know of 3 and one is a fake. Coachbuilt by Westfalia for VW.
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Various literature shots. Notice the first picture showing a special enlarged Tilt canvas.
Metal wide bed
Another version offered by VW, made by Westfalia. This model used the stock side gates, but had a special longer rear gate. In the right photo, note the special bolt on panels on the bulkhead, as well as the newly spaced tailgate hinges. Also notice the 2 specially shaped wood slats for the bed. Not dished like the others.
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Heres another one owned by a fellow in Denmark
(pictures taken by Tonny larsen)
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Fleetline metal wide bed version 2
Here is a slightly different version that I have seen a few of. This was considered a fleetline model, built in south africa in 76. Fleetline section coming soon
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