Parts books list EXACT days, months, and even VIN #'s when changes took place. That's great, except that different sources list different dates and VIN's. Also many people disagree and have their own theory as to the date. Even though a change was in effect, dealers still used what was left on the shelf, so some trucks may not match this section. Also in 1955 the model year/production year came into effect so parts changes often began late in the year which gave time for the change to be completed by the beginning of the next year, which meant the change over date spanned over many months. The change may have started in August and all the books say August, but the change was never really fully in effect until January which is when the stock was drained. Go here to read more regarding model year/production year
I will note the month at minimum, or the known VIN.

All parts changes listed per year
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Specific part changes per part
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But If your looking for changes on:

Bed slats



Gate stoppers

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If you have pictures of anything not shown in the year to year section, Please feel free to send them in thru email. Also if you see *anything* you think might be incorrect please let me know so I don't spread false information! Thank you!