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Ahhhh so you made it this far. Well I was thinking, there wasn't much info to help me restore my VW trucks or any VW truck for that matter, so I determined a trucks only site was in order. Hope you like it and feel the information to be accurate and helpful. I don't claim to be "Mr. Truck" nor do I claim to know everything, so if you know more then me, feel free to rub it in with the correct information. I would love to hear from you regarding any information/pics etc you might have regarding special models or just trucks in general. This site is mainly based off of pre-68 trucks. If you have  knowledge to add regarding year to year, restoration and/or pics of later years (or even the earlier years), email me!

Slowly but surely I am adding later model info/specs and etc, but it takes time as research is long and hard, and I have nothing to compare it to, don't own a late model, and I have received little to no help with the late models as of yet.

Here at Dropgates.com, we prefer to take the stock approach to restoring vehicles -But to each his own. Do as you wish to your truck, just keep this in mind: Please try not to do anything to your original vehicle or change it, unless it can be undone in a weekend.
Thank you.
You say your truck wont be able to do what you want it to do? You say it wont be practical for your use unless you remove the back half of the bed to fit that chevy engine? You say the bed is just extra weight for your drag bus and you need to cut it off so it doesn't slow you down??? Well - maybe this isn't the right vehicle for you.
Think about it.
signed: The guy who will be the next owner of your truck =)
This site is NOT AFFILIATED WITH OR CONNECTED TO Volkswagen of America, Germany, Africa, brazil or anything else that has or had a VW stamp on it. It is a non-profit site, and I'm just an enthusiast tryin to bring life (as if there wasn't enough already) back into vintage VW trucks. Think anything here is wrong? Got anything to add? Wondering why commercial VW's are so much kooler then other buses and deserve their own site?
Email me and I'll tell you. =)