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Pritschenwagen mit hydarulischer Kippeinrichtung.
Or as the Americans call it, The Tipper truck.
Here is some factory literature I bought that details the 1966 VW tipper truck conversion.
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VW factory conversion:
There are only 2 VW conversions known to exist since it was offered as of 66 which only left 2 years for them to make them before the bay window trucks were introduced. This example is owned by David Mayes in the U.S. (imported from Europe) It will not be restored, but it will be driven to the dump and used to haul things in....

There is another VW conversion like David's owned by John foley, and it is currently being restored. He has promised me pic's of it when he is finished.

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Owned by David mayes 
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Italian conversion:
Need more info

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Owned by the German Bullikartei
Belgian conversion:
Need more info
Owned by bob of bbtvw
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Another Belgian conversion owned by Dirk Pieraerts Here's a direct link to restoration pic's of it on his website

Bay window conversion:
Need more info
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Owned by bob of bbtvw
Present day conversion:
Still being made by VW. Referred to as the "Tri-Tipper". Bed tilts 3 different way for dumping convenience. Available in both SC and DC models.

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vwlt.dc.jpg (20255 bytes) vwlt.tri.tipper.jpg (18458 bytes) 

Have any pics or info regarding tippers or any special models? email me!