Plumbers truck, a.k.a., Bachelor's Single cab

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It is unclear who or where did this conversion which enabled a plumber or woodworker to carry very long items, but it is definitely thought to be a coachbuilt. There's too many nice specially made parts. This truck has a little tailgate that can be closed at the front to make it an enclosed bed.   Notice the 3 piece doglegs, 3 piece inner construction decklid, barndoor chassis. etc ,which shows it was a Wolfsburg built bus. Note that it has the fresh air lip, when earlier Wolfsburg buses didn't, because it was a very late Wolfsburg bus. The partition panel on the inside has the original dove blue paint on it still.  It looks like they used bug, ghia or type3 rubber to make the front smaller window seal and the special side window seal, note the cut for chrome strip.  Check out the special front seat too. This truck also has the dual belly door option mcode 071. I have never seen a truck this early with dual belly doors from the factory. Most are 1960 and later.
It is said that these were seen driving around the factory carrying large uncut body panels.

About 2 years ago, I was flipping thru the tv channels late at night and I saw one of these on a black&white Japanese movie with subtitles. It drove toward the camera and then turned the corner and drove away (had nothing to do with the story line). looked just like this one and had a big pipe it was carrying. I figured it was just some 'one off' custom, now it seems as though that may not be the case.
Someone else mentioned seeing one of these in an old kung fu movie, and it was also carrying a pipe. The karate guys were fighting on the single cab as it was driving and the pipe fell off.

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December 1955 - Check out the body type on the title, "PUTPBW" ??? (pickup top bow?)