Special option ordered thru VW. Using the single cab as the base model with Mcode118 (no dropgates) and M65(inscribed load limits), they were fitted with a Ruthmann-Steiger Hydraulic lifting arm and bucket. The cost- more then double what a basic model Single cab cost, About 17000.00 DM for the top of the line Cherry picker (SO8)

Ruthmann-Steiger Typ V90
Price- DM 16,960.00
so8v901.jpg (44085 bytes)
so8v902.jpg (33336 bytes) single9.jpg (238637 bytes)
Ruthmann-Steiger Typ V80
Price- DM 12,960.00
so9v801.jpg (62620 bytes)
The arm is of tubular construction as opposed to the square v90 arm.
so9v802.jpg (103937 bytes)  

lift1.jpg (92371 bytes) lift2.jpg (79207 bytes) lift3.jpg (87138 bytes) lift4.jpg (80806 bytes)
(thanks to tonny of for the above blue so9 submissions)

David mayes also picked himself up a S09 picker from overseas
v80trip.jpg (61042 bytes) v80david.jpg (67511 bytes)
you can read more about his S09 on his website.

Heres some pics of John foley's S09.
photo11_022602.s09foley.jpg (48692 bytes) photo10_082602foley.jpg (33095 bytes)

Ruthmann-Steiger Typ V60
Price- DM 9950.00
so10v601.jpg (67524 bytes)
Arm attaches differently to lower part of bucket on the v60. Also only has one hinge point, right in the middle of the arm. Other 2 models have 2 hinge points.
so103.jpg (34432 bytes) so104.jpg (22438 bytes) so102.jpg (47887 bytes) so10.2.jpg (595736 bytes)
 so10.3.jpg (78494 bytes) so10.1.jpg (751212 bytes)

1962, owned by Bob of bbtvw. Oldest picker known of.
62picker1.jpg (21528 bytes) 62picker2.jpg (22977 bytes) 62picker3.jpg (20745 bytes) 62picker4.jpg (21002 bytes) 62picker5.jpg (17544 bytes) 62picker6.jpg (23775 bytes) 62picker7.jpg (37096 bytes) 62picker8.jpg (41620 bytes)

SO8 and SO9. Feature comparison literature so8.9.1.jpg (608832 bytes) so8.9.2.jpg (1069278 bytes)
  Bobs collection
pickers1.jpg (44598 bytes)
Yellow one is a SO10, red one is a SO9
The picker is still made today by VW, of course it has 3 times the bells and whistles. Here is an example utilitytruck.jpg (35243 bytes)

Thanks to David M for some of the literature submissions