Long loads
Purchased under SO14 and SO24 to haul long items such as pipes or lumber.

Built by Gebruder Wolperding of Germany.
Came with M65 (inscribed axle limits) and M208 (hitch and electrical hookup). The trailer itself was 4.6meters long and total cost was 1550DM.
Could be purchased with a DC or SC

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Built by a company named Fickers (Josef fickers). Came with same Mcodes as above. This version was slightly longer (1 meter) and the trailer came equipped with a wooden box enclosure. Total cost was 2138DM
Could be purchased with a DC or SC

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Here's a SO14 example owned by a guy in Germany. This DC was not originally ordered with the SO14 kit, it was taken from another vehicle. The swivel base is just sitting in the bed.

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