Typically came with Mcode 118 - no side gates, and no holes for the hinges. The ladder can extend up to 10 meters and rotate 360 degrees. Most were made by Karosserie Meyer Hagen.

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Here's some factory lit on the conversion
(thanks david)

This is the finest example of a Meyer Hagen conversion known of. It is in the Volkswagen museum.

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(thanks Sam W. for taking these pics)

This is not a Meyer Hagen, but it is damn nice as well.

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Freshly restored 66, from France. 
Now owned by Bob at bbtvw. Here's Bob's comments regarding the truck:
The truck was delivered to France (maybe to the side of Lyon?) and is
France specs in and out. So here is my theory on the history...the local
dealer (or main distributor whatever) bought a truck with tilt for his
stock, as he was not too far from Switzerland he ordered it with Swiss
regulations, so there was no problem for eventually export (Lyon is close to
Switzerland) then the previous owner walked in and ordered the ladder truck,
they took this truck sold tilt and bows separately and converted it at
Vadot in Lyon to a ladder truck.

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Owner: Charlie Hammil

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Current Owner: Ulrich Seibel

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Undergoing restoration currently. Owner Bob at bbtvw. 
Here's a page showing the progress, Click
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Owner: unknown
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Owner: Unknown
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59 - Owner Unknown.