( Bestelwagen )
Stretch truck conversion.
This Dutch conversion was available officially from the Volkswagen dealer network as of 1959, made by Karroserie Kemperink, although they made earlier versions dating back to  1954. Estimations are up to approx 1000 of these were made. There were 2 versions; the truck version with bed, and truck version with an enclosed box built onto the bed, referred to as the Bestelwagen. The truck bed version was much more popular then the Bestelwagen, although many are still seen of both types. There was even a Double cab version available in the later years.

Due to the additional length of 3.5 feet, special clutch and throttle cables were made and extras were given to customers along with the purchase as spares. The wiring harness was also cut and spliced all back together in the middle! The military became interested and the Dutch Army used the Kemperink conversions to haul troops, supplies and also served as mobile kitchens..

Tonny larsen of sent me this one. He found it and tried to buy it. He gave the owner an offer and the owner said he'd think about it, but 14 days later Tonny contacted him and the owner had scrapped it!
 What a shame.

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This Bestelwagen  is owned by Charlie Hammil


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Owned/Photos by Greg Banfill
This is also currently for sale

more pics available here 


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The specifics on the truck in this photo are unknown.

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This is a picture from "VW information" magazine, that was given to dealers back in the day. Shows the standard truck and Bestel versions of the Kemperink. Notice that the truck version shown is a widebed!!
Submitted by Tonny Larsen

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