SO22 / SO33

This page details the so22/33 conversion done by Westfalia during the years of 62-65

More to come!

This kit was offered in 2 forms- The so22 which was meant to be outfitted to the 7/9 seater or Kombi, and the so33 kit which was more of a permanent install with a subhatch, typically seen outfitted to Kombi models. Many people refer to any kit similar to this as "Mosaik". That term was only used by VW to refer to the so22 kit since it was meant to be outfitted to a normal passenger model bus, and removed just the same.

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so22- Notice it is a hardtop with factory two tone paneling (typical) and has the quick release latches on all cabinets. page10.jpg (190941 bytes) page9.jpg (188384 bytes) 189478.jpg (37888 bytes)
so33- Always a subhatch  kit fitted to a kombi. Interior is fitted a little more permanent, although the seat bases still remove the same as the so22. All wood paneled interior in the rear, faux wood panel for cargo doors. 189479.jpg (56678 bytes) 
This literature shows how to transform the seats into the bed. The table is raised and buttoned to the ceiling with a snap. Very simple. bedlit1.jpg (479481 bytes)dsc_0423.jpg (208333 bytes)
Here is the foyer tent and the full size tent that was available. Various colors were produced. Yellow/gray, and red/white were the common ones. tentlit1.jpg (533564 bytes) westfalia_tent_instructions.jpg (287552 bytes) e7_1_b.jpg (32930 bytes)2017151.jpg (58774 bytes) greywhitetent.jpg (76398 bytes) 904021.jpg (70993 bytes) 983831.jpg (30149 bytes)p6100014.jpg (358299 bytes)
Literature showing the difference between the 33 and 22 (mosaik) page11.jpg (177592 bytes) page12.jpg (144116 bytes)
Door cabinet, and hanger. Early and late cabinets based on brass catches or plastic knobs. cab99.jpg (92055 bytes)cab7.jpg (14251 bytes)cargodoorhanger.jpg (24323 bytes)SO22_Door_Rack.jpg (67979 bytes)
Wash basin. Made by Mauser and came in a variety of colors. 1131518.jpg (14068 bytes) mauser1.jpg (32090 bytes)
Hanging light. Various colors offered, yellow being the most common. 133567.jpg (55728 bytes) 224390.jpg (118475 bytes) 2016513.jpg (34629 bytes) wade2.jpg (120674 bytes)
Icebox with 2 shelves and an ice holder 744069.jpg (39533 bytes)iceboxmount.jpg (48507 bytes)
Supply shelf 744076.jpg (43057 bytes)
Middle table 2017153.jpg (48300 bytes)
Base seats, color combo varied based on bus color 1018347.jpg (64787 bytes)
Water jugs, 3 required. 849012.jpg (23130 bytes) westyjug2.jpg (24013 bytes) westyjug3.jpg (101417 bytes)
Green mat that covered under the rear seat and extended up onto the rear area. 1177906.jpg (39487 bytes)
 Enders dual burner stove. For German market  Enders20906520D.jpg (12322 bytes) enders.jpg (15414 bytes)
Coleman dual burner for Export. 320661.jpg (88943 bytes)
 Sisal rug for under the table. Left pic is the standard versio, right is a strange option with an unknown leather circle next to the cargo door. sisal.jpg (159213 bytes) 2354645.jpg (55004 bytes)
Brass latches June 62 and earlier. hpim2527.jpg (44061 bytes)hpim2541.jpg (55088 bytes)SO22_Door_Rack.jpg (67979 bytes)
Plastic pull knobs. Hubcap clips were used for the backside catch.
June 62 and later.
westyknob.jpg (16619 bytes)p9280203.jpg (177599 bytes)
Early style chrome subhatch latches Up to June-ish 62. Notice the pre june 62 hatch, the wood is screwed to the hatch with no trim. p6100486.jpg (198573 bytes)p6100498.jpg (201188 bytes)
Later style Bakelite knob 62 and later. Also notice the later style 'Lipped' subhatch that the wood piece slides into. p6110526.jpg (186526 bytes)p6100501.jpg (199423 bytes)
later style hatch rod snc10057.jpg (91125 bytes)
Typical complete setup so-33l001.jpg (15378 bytes) 
Various gold edging used for the bulkhead, also depth varied depending on the year of the bulkhead. 1018348.jpg (51861 bytes)
Faux wood panels used for rear cargo door, and occasionally the front cargo door behind the cabinet. p7310100.jpg (188892 bytes)
Mount for pole on front bumper polemount.jpg (31028 bytes)
Curtain mount p6100504.jpg (177378 bytes) p6120564.jpg (209040 bytes)
Steering lock. Seems to have a been a common addition for US delivered so33 westys. steering lock.jpg (196845 bytes)
Portable toilet and the room that it goes in p6120562.jpg (207351 bytes)
So22 (Mosaik) (translation from literature above)

This arrangement was created around VW's 7seater, 9 seater or VW-Kombi as a Campingwagen.  Each element of the annex-system  can be ordered individually and can be incorporated effortlessly - after removal of the seats - into the passenger compartment, and also just as easily removed.

The following equipment parts are available:

Group of padded seats with folding table.
(with a few steps, the group of seats can be transformed into a bed surface).
Wardrobe with mirror.
Wash closet with shelves. 
Wall cabinet combination;
   1- insulating box (ca.  55 L contents) with two shelves and a shell for wet ice or dry ice.
   2- supply shelf.
Toilet cabinet with wash basin, mirror and shelves.
Sisal-carpet in the living space.
Curtains with poles for all windows (in the drivers cabin it uses buttons). 
Electric ceiling light (30 watts) with cable, connector and outlet. 
Three plastic water canisters (10 liters a piece)
hammock for a crib. 
Roof luggage carrier
Folding table at the wing door. 

Useful Extras:
Polyester-folding tent;  
large tent with toilet room or
small tent (over the wing door)
chemical toilet
gasoline cooker
curtain with bar between cab and living space.

so33 (translation from literature above)

Standard equipment:
Interior walls, ground and roof of the living space with wood panels (bright birch).
doors with plastic overlay.  
Cushion seat group with table (a few steps change the seat group into a bed). 
Toilet closet with wash basin.
Mirror and shelf specialties.
Wardrobe with mirror.
2door wash closet with shelves.
Wall closet-combination;
   1- insulating box (ca.  55 I contents) with two shelves and a shell for wet ice or dry ice.
   2- supply shelf.
Folding table at the wing door.   
Three plastic jugs 10 liters. 
Ceiling light, 30 watts, with cable, connector and outlet (can be suspended at any place). 
Curtain for all windows (in the driver cabin it buttons)
Sisal-carpet in the living space. 
Hammock for a crib.
Roof lid, lockable in different positions
Roof luggage carrier

Fixtures for large and small tent. 

Useful extras at higher cost:
Polyester- folding tent;
large tent with toilet room or
Small tent (over the wing door) 
2 burner gasoline cooker
Curtain with pole between driver cabin and living space
Chemical toilet
Electric "Standbe(???? )"

Some literature or pics from and