Some sites of interest

AIRS.gif (27233 bytes) AIRS
Travel in your truck alot? or perhaps you like to help the weary traveler? Whatever the case may be, go here and check out one of my other sites, which takes up the other half of my time.... 2000+ members all over the world devoted to helping VW travelers in need.

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Another site I made. It's for our club- The Barndoor Mafia. There is some Barndoor truck info on this site as well.

So33 registry I made to detail and track the so22 and so33 models
Devoted to all models
Nothin but barneys!
Site made by vintagebus mailing list administrator Thom Fitzpatrick. Type2 only- everything and anything.
Excellent souce for free wiring diagrams
UK site with lots of great pictures
cuba_buses_logo_crop.jpg (16451 bytes) Transporter Garden
Good source for 67 and earlier used Bus parts.
Carry's any and all VW bus parts.
Excellent used parts source as well as a good source of knowledge
Vintage VW restoration. Nice website
Engine sounds! by Jon Muir Here's are all the various noises your engine will make when its healthy, or not. in WAV format.
VINTAGE BUS DISCUSSION LIST This is an email list where people discuss vintage buses thru email. go here and subscribe for free, no catch. Junkyard pics of VW's that have seen better days.
PLOONS VW SITE Good site about beetles and buses All about single wheel trailers good place to get color matched paint for your truck
Kustom Coach Werks VW restoration

Truck resto's / pages

57SC 58 Binz #181



63 DC 64DC Email me to add your resto page!


Arizona bus club Local Bus only club here in AZ
TheGermanFolks Local AZ club...someone let the domain expire???
German Addiction Local AZ club... website (and club?) seems to have dissolved?


Tools and supplies
Eastwood tools Good source for hard to find tools
Grainger One of the top places to order from.
Harbor freight Good for the one time use tool and the beginner trying to build up his tool collection of tools that don't get used often. Price is right.
Northern tools Never used this source but you can never have too many sources.
TP tools Good source for blasting equipment and supplies.