Your here because your prolly not sure what exactly is sitting out in your driveway attracting the attention of your neighbors. Here are a few helpful pages I made to help you identify what you have, where it was sent to, and how the factory intended it to be etc.

M-code plate- 
mplate.jpg (30040 bytes)
(What is it and what does it mean?)
VIN (chassis) number placement and Body number
vinplate.jpg (19671 bytes)
Mcode list
(cross-referenced option list)
VIN list
(Chassis and Engine numbers, etc)
Birth certificate
certex.jpg (34214 bytes)
(Factory information)
Model Numbers
modelz.jpg (233804 bytes)
(What does 261, 265,  or 267 mean?)
Port of Delivery
(Where your bus was originally sent)
Paint finishes
(Clear coats.)
Model year vs. production year
(Have a truck with 1962 parts but the DMV claims its a 63? Click this section.)
Body colors and Upholstery