Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Did my truck ever come with a rear view mirror?
A: Unless the original owner ordered an option mirror or perhaps had the dealer put one in, common belief is that rear view mirrors were not standard equipment until the very late 60's (68?)

Q: Where can I get a tilt? (hoops and canvas)
A: Check my hoops page for more info

Q: Where can I get wood slats for the bed?
A: Check my slats page for more info

Q: What is the deal with the rubber stops on my gates/body? - What should I use?
A: Check out my rubber stops page.

Q: How many strips and what size do I need for the headliner in my Double cab?
A: The 2 front strips are the same as a single cab. The center strips are made out of the same material as the headliner press board.

QIs the rear window a special size/what is it compatible with?
A: When the barndoor era ended in 55, normal buses got a  new rear window, but trucks kept the same rear window all the way up until the new larger rear window in 66. (Not counting the glass logos)

Q: When I take off from stoplights, my truck rear end starts to bounce. Why?
A:  The hop is because the reduction boxes reverse the direction of rotation of the axles from the tranny. The torque wants to raise the back end especially in trucks because of the reduced weight in the back (the light bed as opposed to a full bus).  In a VW without reduction boxes, the torque of acceleration pulls the back down. If your rear wheels are bouncing, it is possible to damage the drive train. When the wheels break free, they spin very quickly (and the motor), then when they hit the ground, there is a very sudden shock possibly damaging something. Better rear shocks is pretty much the only way to cure this problem. The previous owner of my SC grabbed a set of coil springs and simply put them loose over my rear shocks in effort to reduce this problem. Why not do it right? *sigh*

Q: What taillights should I have?
A: Go to the taillight year to year page

Q: Did trucks ever come with white wall tires?
A: Yes, but it was available only as an option.

Q: What's a "BINZ" double cab?
A: Go to the Binz section for answers

Q: How do I find out everything the factory knows about my truck?
A: Send away for your truck's Birth Certificate, or go to the mcode section and decode your Mplate

Q: My Birth Certificate says "Color: Tauben Blau" or " Pigeon Blue". What color is that?
A: Tauben, Pigeon and Dove all mean the same thing, depending on what country you live in. Tauben=German, Pigeon=Canadian, Dove=U.S.

Q: I have a bunch of questions about my truck and how to restore it. Where should I look for answers?
A: See the Restoration/Help section, much of your Qs will be answered there. Also try the forums

Q: I need "whatever" part, hook me up!
A: I do not have a huge stash of NOS truck parts. I only keep what I need or what is slated for current projects I'm working on. Your best bet is to advertise on the classified section. There may not be 3 million adds like certain other sites, but were talking specific content here, not quantity. Send me an email with your request.

Q: I hate this site, what should I do??
A: Press the "back" button on your browser until you see someone else's page. =)