Its not a truck, but I thought I'd post this for those of you who have to endure comments such as "that thing aint safe! theres no engine in front of you,  if you get hit head on, your toast!"

A Volvo 745 and a VW Caravelle (Vanagon)  were smashed together at respectively 58 km/h and were aligned so that they made a fifty-fifty frontal impact.

The Caravelle (Vanagon) climbed on top of the Volvo and cut into the cabin. Conclusion was that the VW's rigid design "cannibalizes" the Volvos impact zones. The results below conclude that the volvo driver was killed instantly while the VW driver prolly suffered minor bumps and bruises.

NOTE: HIC greater than 1000 results in death.
Chest impact greater than 60 G results in death.
HIC (Head Injury Criterion) for driver, Volvo: 3,868, VW: 155
Head Impact, Volvo: 200 G, VW: 42 G
Chest impact, Volvo: 65 G, VW: 30 G

This test was made in 1994 by one of the biggest swedish insurance companies, Folksam.
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Thanks to Johan Nyberg and Matt for this information.