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61 SC
The Good:
1961 SC in good condition. 1600cc recently rebuilt. Truck has always been in the southwest heat, so rust is minimal. Still has reduction gears.

The Bad:
Previous owner cut fenders, rockers and rear window. Since it was used on a farm, it has a homemade trailer hitch. Doesnt have original rear lights, has ovals.

I had lots of plans to mod this baby out, but due to loss of job we cannot afford to keep her.

Trades welcomed. $4000 obo.
Tyler Durden

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May 20th 1959 Single Cab that was a field find by the previous owner whom sold it to me this Spring. My intention was to restore, but plans change and I need to concentrate on other things.

The truck will need rust repair on the outriggers, doglegs, rockers, treasure chest floor, lower nose, battery tray, and a few other places. I'll let the pictures show what is what.
Original engine gone, but engine in bed included. No rear bumper.

From what I can tell the bus was painted a blue-ish paint in the 1970's, they also did the cab area. But the paint is literally flaking off on the inside, and I'm sure you could get it back to primer and dove blue on the outside will not much work.
Treasure chest door is a bit tweaked, and the gates are decent but do have some rust holes.

Original dove blue radio block off plate, gas tank area/treasure chest covers, and rust included in sale. Roof is real nice as are parts of the truck, it's just the typical New England rust that stinks. Driver's side slider glass gone. Frame rails are solid with plenty of surface rust.

The rear end is locked up, the clutch pedal is pushed to the floor, but the rear wheels will not turn. I don't think the rear brakes are frozen, as both wheels move a little bit. My guess is that the hockey stick is broken. Not sure though. So, the truck is not a roller as I would like it to be. Front wheels turn easily. If you want to ship the truck, I can get it to a local truck stop to help with loading onto your hired carrier, but make sure they know it does not roll.

Bill of sale included, and if you want a Maine registration sheet, I can get that too - add $100. I just wasn't sure what the buyer wants to do with the truck, so I haven't gone ahead and registered it yet. Registration can be in hand the same day. Due to the age of the truck a title is not given, rather the Maine registration acts as the title, and this will be signed over to the new owner.

Take a look at the link below for a ton more pictures: There are two gallery's.

Price : Times are tough, I know. $1700 obo.   contact 
*No trades, - no I don't want your 73 bug with rust that ran when parked.*

UK buyers welcome

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'65 for sale.  
a belly full of goodies for her too. she was restored in 2005.

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malaika zc.


1961 Single Cab for sale
asking $6,500
(360) 561-9700 Cell
Ralph D. Gayle Jr.


58 Volkswagen Single Cab Drop Gate
   Price: 5500
New rebuilt 1600 AH motor, NEW; Ceramic Coated headers w/ EMPI exhaust. 12V system, Starter, Altenator, Battery, rear wheel cylinders. This 1958 is really in pretty nice shape. SEE PIC's..
I believe that this SC was set up as a Work truck or Camper. I added the gates. On the right rear you'll see 2 lock box's. They are locking switches for auxillery battery's. I do have all keys. Also the Vintage Mustang tail lites! Also added was a rear slider window. A very well done alteration. The wiring has been upgraded from original with mini fuses, intermitent wipers, cool idiot lights, Let the pictures tell the story... SEE PICs! Currently on Calif DMV non/op. I can assist with Dmv, transpo ect...Ask Questions!?! 

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Need a truck transported??
 *Driving delivery*, no distance too far. you buy it, i'll drive it. usually
50% cheaper than a hauling co. VW must be good runner. 
dane dawson:

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