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I have gates from a single cab. Original in fair condition and repairable. No rust just dents and holes drilled for signage. Offers? 0044 208 643 0456
for sale 1963 single cab side gates


double cab and single cab wood bed slats   Price: $410 and down

Designed using the factory original slat profiles, these slats are an exacting duplication of what originally came on VW trucks. Each set is ready to install and includes all the correct hardware.

-Made of ash, the wood originally used by VW (custom runs of any species you like are also available at additional cost)

- For pre-1960 trucks I offer 4.8mmX16mm screws as original, excepting that they are made of stainless steel.

-For later models I offer blind rivets as original, excepting that they are stainless and are closed end rivets, making them water tight (unlike the originals)

-pre-drilled and counter bored with spacing based off of original trucks

-finished in penetrating oil for 24 hours. The result is a long lasting finish that is easy to maintain and is fully impregnated the entire thickness of the wood. Similar oil was most likely used by VW

-The ends of the slats are beveled and the long slats by the cab are square cut as original
(note: I have seen an original slat set on a 67 single cab that has the long slats beveled on both ends. If you have a 67 this is probably correct. This option is offered at no charge).

--Complete double cab slat set - $390

--Complete single cab slat set - $410

other options, such as un-drilled or unfinished, are also available. Contact me for details.

single or double cab wood bows also available - $125

Shipping - $50 anywhere in the contingent US (pick up available for no charge)

CA residence add 8% sales tax

if paying via paypal please ad 2% to total to cover paypal fees

installation at my shop is available. Contact me for details


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Parting 1960 Single Cab OG Paint - Various
Now available to part out.
Lots of good parts..

More Pictures Here----->

334 361-0049 OR 334 224-0558


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my company is now reproducing cargo bed slats for all years of VW trucks. Our product is reproduced from original samples and is available in stock oak, beech, and maple. We also offer custom runs in any wood species and length. All slat sets are shipped cut, sanded, and ready to install. Each piece is sanded to 180 grit and ready for pre-drilling and finish. Every order will be packaged in bubble wrap and boxed for safe shipping. 
Prices are as follows: All years, SC/DC:  $170.00 USD plus shipping. We are now able to supply appropriate screw or rivet kits for installation.
We will also be reproducing tilt and hoop slats in the very near future. Our focus is on providing the best quality reproduction wooden pieces for the vintage DC/SC enthusiast.
Chris Murray


Double Cab Wrist Watches For Sale
Custom made doublecab watch, brand new, quartz movement with an attractive
round face, numbered bezel and nice doublecab on the face. $49.99 includes
FREE shipping anywhere in the world and bonus foam lined display tin.
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Single/Double Cab Rear Safari Windows, Complete Assembly.
Fits from ' 55 - ' 67 and comes either in Chrome or White Powder Coated.

Also we carry Single/Double Crew Cab Rear Glass. DOT approved and fits from
' 68 - and up.


gas tank support for single cab or double cab all years, new reproduction parts support 30$ US each + shipping, strap 5$ US each + shipping. For more information or order send me a email to

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westfalia style trailer hitch $100.00 I have one on my single cab and have pulled my tear drop trailer over 3,000 since installing it ,light weight and oil change access  they fit type 2 1955 through 1967 email Paul  for info, price plus shipping, shipping to cal. is roughly $27.00
 "hella" bullet style turn signal lenses.
$19.95 each, comes in amber and clear lens.
Thanks again,
 prop for engine decklid, comes with the spring,on Bus's from ' 55 - ' 63.
The price is $39.99
Order today and get a 5% discount, use "eisfriend" to receive the discount, please mention that on the add as well.

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 55- ' 57 Type 2 Tail Light Assemblies
Sold as a pair for $149.95. These are double filament bulb style. Very nice, just like the
original ones that came off your Bus. Buy it online directly from the link below.
 Click to see pics
banjo arms repros, with mirrors, $100.00 shipping included, arms only $60.00
plus shipping.

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Reproduction Splashpans patterned from NOS pans. Fit 53-58 bumpers. Truck and Bus. These are powdercoated satin black and include the rubber strip. ready to bolt on!! Contact for more info -
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Barndoor Mirror arms for sale.
Exact reproductions in all metric steel, 1950-52 and 1953-55, passenger and driver's side, RHD & LHD. $100 ea. plus shipping and handling. 
Contact: Mark Lapriore, PO Box 5185, El Monte Ca. 91734.
thanks,  Mark.
 (pics with originals for comparison)
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  Busware Tarpaulins
Busware, original style Bus canopies

Note: I sell the canvas only-hoops & wood bows are by others. Contact Derek
Gregg in the evenings, PST at 661-946-1303 for very nice reproduction hoops.

Early Split window SC canvases-1952-58
Late Split window SC canvases-1959-67
Split window DC canvases-1959-67
Binz DC canvases-1958-59
Bay window SC canvases-1968-79
Bay window DC canvases-1968-79

Treated cotton canvas Double Cab canvases- $1150
Treated cotton canvas Single Cab canvases- $1200
Cab/custom height high versions of above-same price
Big window in 1966-67 trucks-same price

Colored marine grade sunbrella fabric in any of 60 +- colors-$125 more.
"Safari" Window at cab-$75
Dusty Conditions air scoops option-$100

Cadium plated OEM eyelets & loops, custom stainless steel gutter clips,
nickel plated stay hooks
18 Oz. treated cotton canvas-standard-revised patterns for better fit,
shrinkage control
Matching fabric storage bag, installation & care instructions, warranty
included to original owner

Insured Shipping available anywhere in the world, email for quote

Tom Buese
Tel. 801-521-3335
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
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